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Tim Mahaney - Interim Director, Design & Construction
Sharon Norwood - Director, Business Administration
Ted Sakauye - Interim Director, Architecture & Planning
Katy Merwin - Director, Project Management Services

Office of Design & Construction
Laurel Heights Campus
3333 California Street, Suite 115
San Francisco, CA 94118

Reception 415.885.7257
Fax 415.885.3572


Design & Construction Fax: 415-885-3572
Mahaney, Tim Interim Director, Design & Construction 415.885.3517
Anielski, Caroline Administrative Analyst to Tim Mahaney 415.885.7288
Project Management Services Fax: 415.885.3572
Merwin, Katy Director, Project Management Svcs. 415.885.3506
Hochmuth, Tom Associate Project Manager 415.885.3839
Keith, Michael Administrative Asstistant 415.885.3529
Korzec, Dave Project Manager 415.885.3515
Lindow, Cristina Associate Project Manager 415.353.4086
O'Brien, Tina Project Manager 415.885.3553
Reilly, Michael Associate Project Manager 415.885.3519
Schumm, Ellen Project Manager 415.885.3519
Shea, Carol Project Manager 415.353.4089
Sinclair, Jean Administrative Asstistant 415.885.3516
Torrento, Ed Senior Buyer 415.353.4087
Harkin, Pat Project Manager, Consultant 415.885.3579
Henderson, Lisa Project Manager, Consultant 415.885.3579
Manning, Luke Project Manager, Consultant 415.885.3579
Pierce, Geoff Project Manager, Consultant 415.885.3579
Sypult, Scott Project Manager, Consultant 415.747.2300
Architecture & Planning Fax 415-885-3571
Sakauye, Ted Interim Director, Architecture & Planning 415.885.3535
Fan, Joyce Administrative Assistant 415.885.3508
Fong, Winston Architect Assistant 415.885.3551
Kimble, Kim Agency Coordinator 415.885.3672
Sawabini, Edward Architect Assistant 415.885.7348
Chavez, Fernando Architect Assistant, Consultant 415.885.3532
Dandekar, Deepak Architect, Consultant 415.885.3525
Romero, David Architect, Consultant 415.913.9329
Inspectors of Record Fax: 415.885.3572
Beraz, Matt IOR Consultant 415.353.7277
Magnuson,Chris IOR Consultant 415.885.3522
Peterson, Mark IOR Consultant 415.885.7559
Business Operations Fax: 415.885.3572
Norwood, Sharon Director, Business Administration 415.885.3512
Thompson, Yvonne Administrative Assistant 415.885.7257
Leung, Lily Business Operations Assistant 415.353.4021
Contracts Fax: 415.885.3572
Hsu, Elizabeth Contracts Manager 415.885.3534
Cimo, Tony Senior Contract Analyst 415.353.7393
Palm-Song, Rebecca Contract Analyst 415.353.4038
Robinson, Barbara Contract Analyst 415.885.3550
Lau, Julie Contracts Analyst, Consultant 415.353.7317
Information Systems / Information Technology Fax: 415.885.3572
Steinmetz, David IS/IT Manager 415.885.3554
Facilities & Support Services Fax 415.885.3572
Mahaney, Tim Executive Director Facilities & Support Services 415.885.3517
Anielski, Caroline Administrative Analyst to Tim Mahaney 415.885.7288
UCSF Medical Center - Major Capital Projects Fax: 415-861-2782
Eckblad, J. Stuart Director, MB Major Capital Projects 415.241.5022
Berard, Gina Project Accountant 415.241.5034
Chiao, Ivy Senior Project Manager 415.241.5049
Dew, Jayson Purchasing
Harkness, Linda Administrative Analyst 415.241.5027
Ovlen, Christian Project Manager 415.241.5098
Oropeza, Rosemary Office Manager 415.241.5099
Phillips, Mary Architect, Interiors 415.241.5035
Situ, Judith Project Accountant 415.241.5023
Torrento, Edward Purchasing 415.241.5080
Buckley, Christine Project Management, Consultant 415.241.5003
Koefoed, Niall Project Management, Consultant
Martin, Samantha Administrative Analyst, Consultant 415.241.5026
Tam, Henry Project Management, Consultant 415.241.5096
Toman, Sinead Project Management, Consultant
Whitney, Fred Project Manager, Consultant 415.241.5014
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